Whether you are ready to upgrade or downgrade your house, or are relocating to another area, finding a good Listing Agent is critical to ensuring your home sale goes smoothly, and garners the price you deserve.  Here is what you should expect...                                                                  
1.  Assist you in pricing your property                                                                                     
You want to get the highest possible price in the shortest time with the least amount of inconvenience.   Accurate and competitive pricing is the key to reaching this objective.  Your Realtor will suggest a listing price range based on recent market data, current economic conditions, and the condition and location of your home.

2.  Suggest any necessary repairs                                                                                          
Buyers are becoming more and more particular, so it is definitely to your advantage to make sure your home shows well from the day it goes on the market.  You don't want to lose a prospective sale because your front door needed painting and the buyer was turned off before even entering!
3.  Expose your property to a maximum number of buyers                                               
Coastal Outer Banks Realty markets all of our properties extensively and aggressively.  We maintain good working relationships with fellow Outer Banks Realtors, enjoying successful co-broking relationships up and down the beach and make it a point to get the word out as soon as your property is listed.                                                   
4.  Arrange showings and provide you with feedback from prospective buyers                 
Whether you live here or are an out-of-town property owner, we will always inform you of showings and provide you with immediate feedback. If your property is in a rental program we will coordinate showings in such a way as not to disrupt the vacations of your guests.  If you are selling your primary residence, we will make appointments in advance so you are not caught off guard.                                                                 
5.  Present and negotiate offers on your behalf         
Everyone is looking for a deal these days.  There are articles all over the internet filled with advice to buyers on comparison-shopping, buyer agent representation, and aggressive negotiation.  So don't be surprised if you are presented with what you consider to be a "low ball" offer.  Rather, look at it as an opportunity to hammer out a mutually acceptable contract.  Buyers and sellers are not adversaries.  Both parties want the same thing - a sale.  It may take a little work and a lot of patience to find that common ground, but that's why you have a Realtor!  He or she will explain all the contingencies, and help you remain objective and make informed decisions based on current trends, market data, and your particular needs.  The easiest way to avoid problems in a closing is to pay attention to all of the details at the time the contract is ratified.
6.  Follow through all the way to closing            

Agreeing on the price and terms is just the first step.  Your Realtor will stay in close communication with the Selling Agent to make sure that everything is moving forward in a timely manner.