If you want to take your truck on the sand, here are the communities that permit it...

4-Wheel Drive Area/Carova

What do you think? 


Driving is permitted after the paved road ends heading north through Corolla.  Beach driving is also permitted from October 1 - April 30 at designated beach accesses with a speed limit of 25 mph unless otherwise marked.


Nope.  Not in this pristine community!

Southern Shores

And you can't drive your Jeep here either.

Kitty Hawk

Only if it's a Tonka truck for the little one.

Kill Devil Hills

Yep!  Beach driving is allowed October 1 - April 30, provided that the vehicle is registered and licensed and has passed all safety inspections required.

Nags Head

You betcha!  But only from October 1 - April 30 and only with a beach permit!

Tips for Driving on the Beach

  • This isn't Daytona.  4-Wheel drive only on these beaches....
  • Decrease the air pressure in your tires to 20-25 pounds and don't block the ramp while doing so....
  • Don't forget to re-inflate your tires after coming off the beach.  Driving with underinflated tires can be dangerous.
  • Try to stay in the ruts made by other vehicles unless they are so deep that you bottom out. Generally the sand in these ruts is more compact.
  • Drive at a slow, even pace. The maximum speed limit on all beaches is 25 mph. If you try to take off too fast it will cause loss of traction and bury you to the axle. That will stink cause tow trucks are expensive.