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Beaches in Duck, NCDuck is located just north of Kitty Hawk on Highway 12 and offers miles of biking and walking trails. These trails add to Duck’s quaint and charming “village” feel, which is one of the major attractions to buying real estate in this community. Duck has less commercial development than the communities of Kitty Hawk, Kill Devil Hills and Nags Head, and has an abundance of shops and eateries--a major draw for vacationers. And with beautiful sound or ocean views from most areas, it offers a peaceful retreat for people tired of the hustle and bustle of busier communities. Once a community that was predominantly vacation-goers, Duck is also growing in popularity for primary residents.

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Popular Communities in Duck, NC

There is an abundance of homes for sale in Duck, which often carry a higher price tag than comparable homes in other communities. Most of the communities in Duck tend to be smaller, and often are limited to just one street. However, there are a few larger communities including Four Seasons, one of the newer communities in Duck that boasts luxury homes and great amenities and Sanderling, a community at the northern end of Duck that is full of natural landscaping and beauty, and has more traditional “Nags Head” style homes.

History of Duck NC

Duck was formed by an act of the NC Legislature in 2002. In 1984, Duck was actually established as a beautification district and included an ad valorem tax to install underground power lines versus 30-foot concrete poles, which would have destroyed the natural beauty.

Where did the name "Duck" come from?  

"Duck" was aptly named after the sheer numbers of waterfowl that once flocked to this charming village during migratory seasons. In fact, as you wind your way through the many streets, you'll note that many are named after waterfowl.


On the northern end of town, the Army Corps of Engineers has a research facility, otherwise known as "Duck Pier" to study the ocean processes affecting the coast, including impact from storms and erosion.

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