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Corolla NC is the northernmost community on the Outer Banks and home to Corolla's famous wild horses, the last remaining herd of Spanish Mustangs on the Outer Banks. The lack of commercial development combined with wide, gorgeous beaches remains one of the key reasons to buy real estate here. And for those really wanting to get away from the crowds, Corolla has homes for sale in a four-wheel drive only area, where your only way in and out is via the beach!

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Popular Subdivisions in Corolla

There is prime real estate options available throughout Corolla  Some of the largest and most popular communities include Ocean Sands which was first established in the 70’s and Whalehead, which is best known for its expansive lots. But don’t overlook communities such as Currituck Club, with a demanding Rees Jones designed champion golf course or Corolla Light, which has just about all the amenities you could want. See Popular Corolla Communities on the right sidebar for a list of some of our favorites along with homes for sale in those communities.

History of Corolla NC

Corolla has a deep rooted history that date back hundreds of years when American Indian tribes, including the Chowanoke and Poteskeet hunted and fished along the barrier island. In fact, "Currituck", the county in which Corolla resides, means "land of the wild goose". And while a few Europeans began settling in the area in the 1600's, it wasn't until the mid 1800's when several small communities dotted the landscape. Fast forward--real development finally began in 1967. The first plotted subdivision was Carova, with lots selling for around $8000.....really.

Where did Corolla Get It's Name?

Corolla was first called Jones Hill, after an early European settler. However, in 1895, the name was officially changed to Corolla, which actually means the "whorl of petals of a flower that collectively form an inner floral envelope". The story goes that local villagers were asked to send in suggestions for naming the village--and someone mentioned Corolla. I guess it stuck!


Corolla is home to the Currituck Beach lighthouse, which stands 158 feet tall and has 214 stairs!

See the most recent listings of homes for sale in Corolla listed below.

Most recent listings of homes for sale in Corolla, NC